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The Future for Energy Generation

Changing the way we generate energy!

So much waste is generated though the process of creating feedstock, food and creating products. A huge amount of this waste is BioWaste

We can take this waste and convert it to useable energy, making every BioSparx engine owner a micro producer of electricity.


It is our aim to create a network of waste producers, micro power producers and BioChar consumers.


Sustainable energy for all for virtually $0 costs.


Together we will change for the better, reduce dependency on fossil fuel, become cleaner and more efficient energy producers and create a healthier environment for future generations


What is BioChar?

Here is a quick link

Here you can read about BioChar and the benefits, also why this can help us now and in the future while helping us all reduce our carbon footprint

How it works

The production of BioChar using "Pyrolysis" engines has been available for several years. Up until this point these engines have been dedicated to the production of BioChar with waste products being heat and water vapour.


They have proven themselves to be fantastic for producing large quantities of  BioChar Product.

Our reengineered engine takes this solution the natural step further. Rather than the engines being focused on producing Biochar, we are condensing the units into a smaller footprint and making the primary purpose energy production with BioChar as a "waste" product.

Simply put we have scaled BioChar production down, reduced the size of the units, increased the efficiency of the units and now have the ability to produce electricity and hot water from these generators at very low costs.

With smaller units there are less costs of ownership, this means that more people and businesses can have access to a unit, can benefit from nearly free electricity production and together create a large network of BioChar producers

Welcome to BioSparx generators.

The future of electric generators and BioChar production. Micro producers, generating electricity virtually for free and establishing a network of feedstock producers and BioChar producers

BioSparx Engines

The obvious question is " when will the generators be available?

.....and the short answer is  soon!

Projects and trials are ongoing and BioSparx is seeking partner investors currently. One step closer to sustainable energy solutions for all and to help reduce the impact of organic waste disposal

BioSparx is the perfect solution for Agri, Farm and Ranch businesses or any business that produces organic waste and consumes electricity, however there are so many applications.

Off-grid homes and communities, an alternative to diesel generators and cannabis producers are just a few alternative markets for BioSparx

Please subscribe to this page or follow the project on Facebook or LinkedIn and thank you for your interest in BioSparx

If you would like find out more about the generators, wish to pre-order or see how you could benefit from owning a BioSparx Generator, please complete the contact form below

BioSparx Municipal Model

BioSparx municipal green energy networks!

How it works - we help your community/ town/ city establish a network of BioSparx generators.

We also work with local business, farms etc that produce bio waste, collect it and process it for fuel, saving them money! This creates a feedstock network.

We work with Eco-centres processing biowaste into fuel for the Biosparx units.

We deliver fuel for free.. and produce enough energy to power businesses, homes, farms, community centers and more.. the units run 24/7 and feed electricity back to the grid earning rebates too.

Over a 10 year+ life span the BioSparx pay for themselves in 2-3 years delivering free, green, zero GHG electricity for 10 years or more! Imagine the benefits from having 20 or more units in your town!

Investment opportunities are available contact for information on how to get involved

Barrie Clarke

Founder and President

Barrie is a serial inventor and entrepreneur. BI Consulting was established in 2015 one of the clients was Alberta Innovates Technology Futures it was during that time that the concept behind the BioSparx engine was discovered.

Advisory Board


None of this would be possible without the support of our partner network.

Thank you all for your contributions

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